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Criminal Law


Representing someone accused of a criminal offense is the most serious matter that any attorney will ever handle.  A person's very life depends on the knowledge and abilities of his or her attorney.  Only a knowledgeable, effective and aggressive attorney will satisfy your needs when you have been accused of a criminal offense.


Criminal cases today are extremely complex. Cases can be won based upon technical issues having nothing to do with guilt or innocence. However, the defense attorney has to understand and recognize those issues.


​Attorney Trey Hicks provides the effective and aggressive representation that every person accused of a criminal offense deserves.  Trey Hicks has dedicated the majority of his ten years of experience to defending individuals charged with crimes ranging from the most minor of traffic offenses to the most serious of felony offenses.  He maintains an exemplary reputation of professionalism with Judges, prosecutors and other defense attorneys alike and his aggressive and energetic style gets results.  Trey handles all manner of criminal cases and defends clients in both the State and Federal Courts against criminal prosecution.


Trey's criminal defense practice includes defense against Traffic Citations/Offenses, DUI, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Probation Revocations and Appeals.




Traffic Offenses:  When you have been accused of traffic offenses you should never just pay the ticket.  Paying the ticket is entering a guilty plea to the offense.  You should consult a knowledgable attorney who can explain the consequences of any decision you make in the case.  Even a minor offense could result in the suspension or revocation of your driver's license.


DUI:  When you have been accused of a DUI offense, you should immediately contact an experienced DUI attorney.  Your right to drive in the State of Georgia could be suspended or revoked if your attorney does not act on your behalf within 30 days of the stop.  DUI defense is a very specialized area of law and Trey Hicks devotes considerable time to defending those accused of DUI.  He is continually following developments in DUI laws and decisions, so that each of his clients receives the highest level of representation in defense of the DUI charge.


Misdemeanors:  Misdemeanor offenses can carry up to 12 months in jail as well as have stiff financial penalties and consequences.  Certain offenses can result in the loss of your right to possess a firearm or in the mandatory suspension of your driving privileges.  No one should attempt to represent themselves when charged with any criminal offense.


Felonies:  Felony offenses come in all shapes and sizes:


  • Theft

  • Shoplifiting

  • Fraud

  • Identity Theft

  • Murder

  • Domestic Violence

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Cruelty to Children

  • Child Pornography

  • Rape

  • Child Molestation

  • Sexual Battery

  • Sodomy

  • Internet Related Sexual Offenses

  • Possession, Distribution and/or Trafficking in Drugs

  • Firearms Possession related Offenses

  • Aggravated Stalking

  • Terroristic Threats

  • Robbery / Armed Robbery

  • Criminal Gang Activity

  • Arson

  • Hijacking

  • Kidnapping / False Imprisonment

  • Vehicular Homicide


...just to name a few.


Conviction of a felony can result in the loss of your freedom, your right to vote, possess a firearm and adopt a child.  Felony offenses carry sentences from one year to life imprisonment or death and substantial financial consequences.  Attorney Trey Hicks has experience and success in handling the defense of all of the above-listed crimes.


Probation Revocations:  You are entitled to representation if probation is seeking to revoke your probation.  Signing a waiver is agreeing that you violated probation and then can be used to justify harsher penalties at future probation revocation proceedings.  You should never sign a waiver or appear in court for a probation revocation with consulting an attorney. 


Appeals:  Sometimes judges can be wrong in their rulings and innocent people suffer needlessly.  An experienced attorney can seek to have those wrongs righted.  Appeals are an extremely complex and specialized field. There are specific statutes that govern: 1) If you can file an appeal; 2) How you file the appeal; and 3) When you file an appeal. Seek the help of an experienced attorney for your appellate needs.  

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